San Fermin Festival: from Pamplona to the world

Thanks to RTVE’s coverage, the running of the bulls reached millions of fans worldwide.

Spanish food goes global with ICEX and Amazon

‘Alimentos & Vinos de España’: an online store where 170 Spanish SMEs in the food industry can sell their goods.

Gold Medal for Merit at Work for Pau Gasol

The Marca España Honorary Ambassador was one of the 15 awardees whose achievements were recognised by the Government of Spain.

Organised by Fundación Vidaplus, the event gathered more than 40 speakers from a variety of fields

The 1st International Longevity and Cryopreservation Summit, organised by Fundación Vidaplus, took place in Madrid, Seville and Barcelona.

Spain steps up role in European Defence

In the aftermath of Brexit, our country will assume greater leadership in the EU security and defence model.

A journey to the origins of modern Spanish diplomacy

The headquarters of the Diplomatic School of Spain hosted the presentation of ‘Origen del Servicio Diplomático moderno español’, a book by Manuel Alonso Núñez and Manuel Castillo Alonso focusing on the role of the Language Interpretation Office, established in the sixteenth century.

The ‘Santa María’ vessel, ready to set sails again

In the context of the 525th anniversary of the ‘Encounter Between the Old and the New World’, Nao Victoria Foundation is building a replica of the most famous ship from the Age of Discoveries.

The Most Beautiful Villages of the World come to Spain

The representatives of the 500 Most Beautiful Villages of the World held their international meeting in Albarracín (Teruel) and Morella (Castellón).

In pursuit of sustainable and creative tourism

From 26 to 28 October, Melilla is playing host to the 5th Creative Cities and Territories in Spain Forum, gathering the representatives of Spanish cities and regions, as well as of 18 guest countries, to discuss how to promote tourism based on culture, innovation and creativity.

The celebration was attended by Queen Letizia. The Foundation has 1.8 million beneficiaries in Latin America. Up to 77% of them belong to vulnerable groups and 60% are women.

Creative schools with elBulli seal

Creative Schools, a project by Telefónica Foundation and chef Ferran Adrià, brings elBulli’s innovative and creative philosophy to schools in Spain, encouraging experimentation and the use of new technologies.

Hernando de Soto, the explorer who became a myth

Casa América de Madrid acogió el pasado 31 de mayo la presentación del informe “La sombra de Hernando de Soto: entre el misterio y la leyenda″, elaborado por The Hispanic Council, que reivindica el papel del explorador español en la huella hispánica de Estados Unidos.

Club Internacional de Prensa annual awards

The International Journalism Awards granted by Club Internacional de Prensa gave recognition to individuals and organisations making outstanding contributions to journalism, the defence of human values and the support of communication media. The awards celebrated their 25th anniversary this year.

Spain has 11 areas on the list of UNESCO’s Global Geoparks, including some with a unique geological heritage and extraordinarily beautiful landscapes.

Cala Agulla, in Majorca, one of the 579 Spanish beaches carrying the Blue Flag

As many as 684 Blue Flags will be flying along the Spanish coastline this summer. They belong to 579 beaches, 100 marinas and five boating tourism operators. This total places Spain at the top of the Blue Flag global ranking.

Funerary garden found by the research team from CSIC. Photo: CSIC News.

The Djehuty Project Spanish team unearthed a unique funeral garden that can provide valuable information on botany and environmental conditions in ancient Thebes (Luxor) during the Middle Kingdom (1980-1790 BC).