We are innovative
Leadership in medical and surgery innovation

The work done by Spanish researchers has placed our country as an international reference in the fields of transplant and in the fight against heart diseases, cancer, Alzheimer, malaria and HIV/AIDS. Spanish centers for assisted reproduction, stem cell therapy or eye surgery are world leaders achieving results and generating new techniques.

On the top 10 of world scientific production

Spain ranks tenth in the global ranking about science publications. Our country also ranks twelfth in world's publications and their impacts are stressed by the highly percentage of most cited publications. Related to scientific fields, the Spanish papers are focused mainly on Medicine, Engineering, Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Physics and Astronomy and Computer Sciences. 

Significant solutions of engineering

Spanish construction and engineering companies are present in 85 countries across the five continents with a portfolio of work that increases to 74,000 million euro. Their experience in the design and the execution of complex projects are respected worldwide thanks to their highly technological capability and their own innovative technology. Projects such as the expansion of the Panama Canal, the Heathrow airport or the remarkable SR 99 tunnel of Seattle highlight the Spanish innovation in the engineering field.

Innovation in Spanish railway industry

Our country is the leader designing and implementing high-speed trains and railway projects. It has the second largest high-speed rail network in the world and the first one in Europe. Spain is also a world reference in the construction of urban metro lines. Spanish companies have led some emblematic projects such as the high-speed train from Mecca to Medina, the metro of Lima or Riyadh and the high-speed railway network of California.

Prestigious designs

The world’s attention is focus on Spain due to its architectural excellence reflected on a rich monumental heritage for more than 2000 years, spectacular avant-garde constructions and unique designs. There are exceptional Spanish project in countries around the world and the originality and innovation of our architects is recognised worldwide. Additionally, our country ranks ninth in the world industrial design.

Leaders in graphene production

Spain is one of the leading producers and exporters of graphene, a material of extreme resistance that is changing the technological world and it will continue to do so in the future. Spanish companies take over 20% of the graphene’s market, from its industrial production to its application to sectors such as nanotechnology, construction or medicine.

Innovative sustainability

Spain is the fourth country in the world in terms of ecological sustainability and the sixth in terms of environmental performance, according to The Global Innovation Index. The key is the generation of clean energies and the responsible care and management of our natural spaces. What is more, the Spanish model of water and waste management is an example for the rest of the world. Our country leads the exports of sustainable energies generation and management technologies internationally. For example, 78% of the world's solar thermal projects are Spanish and our companies have built the largest water treatment plants on the planet.

Air and space industries' leaders

The Spanish company Indra is one of the world's leaders in air traffic management and border control. It has introduced its telecommunication systems worldwide and its navigation systems in the world’s main airports. In addition, it has situated Spain at the forefront of the space surveillance thanks to its surveillance technology for objects in Earth orbits. Spanish companies are also presented in vanguard airspace projects such as the Mission to Mars, the Rosetta Mission, the Mission to Jupiter and the Cheops Mission.

At the head of the Digital Administration

Spain ranks fourth in the world e-Administration services, a new model of relationships among citizens and institutions. The Spanish model of electronic signatures and national identity documents is an example to countries around the world. Furthermore, we lead the exports of biometric identification technologies.